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•Charbroiled Steaks- Our reputation was built on this specialty.

•Filet Mignon- The most tender of steaks! We only buy USDA choice and Prime. Choose from "The Queen" (6 oz), "The King" (8 oz), or "The Prince" (4 oz).

•New York Strip and Top Sirloin- Boneless USDA choice strip loins are trimmed and cut by hand. Not as tender as filets, but many steak experts prefer these cuts.

•Hand-Cut Ribeye- Not as lean as our other cuts, but the flavor is outstanding.

•Prime Rib Au Jus- Popular demand keeps this as a star of our menu! Roasted slowly all day to bring it to its peak, so it's ready when you are. Regular or Extra cut.

•Lobster Tail- Split cold-water lobster tail. Broiled and served with seasoned butter.

•Seafood- Choose from shrimp, scallops, oysters, or lobster.

•Pastas- Alfredos, hearty marinaras, and seafood pastas. Our homemade sauces will delight you.

•Pork Ribs- Trimmed tender ribs, roasted and then finished on our char broiler with our special barbeque sauce. Now available in both summer and fall.

•Fish of the Day- Wild salmon, Mahi, and Tilapia are menu mainstays. We often bring in seasonal species with new preparations.

•Specialty Desserts- Turtle pie, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, fudge, caramel and pecans on a graham cracker crust.

•Derby Pie- The original Derby Pie made in Louisville, Kentucky by Kern's Bakery. A trademarked tradition.

•Brownie Sundae- Chewy pecan brownie, warmed, with vanilla ice cream then drizzled with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

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