From the Chef

The Brass Lantern Restaurant is open for dinner at 5pm. Since we seat over 200 diners, we can usually accommodate any party. However, occasionally we host large groups for rehearsal dinners, family reunions, business dinners, birthday or anniversary get-togethers and many other reasons. That's why it would be good to call early for your reservations.

 In December, we host over 100 Christmas parties in about 20 days. Summer Schedule availability for banquets and large private dinner parties can be made by reservation on most any night you need. Statistically, the most popular occasion for dining out is for birthdays. When you have your birthday dinner at The Brass Lantern, we'd like you to have a complimentary serving of our signature Turtle Pie.

 Just let your server know whose birthday it is and that you heard about the free Turtle Pie on our web site. We also want you to have a complimentary turtle for your anniversary, too. (Limited one per table)

We want to know if anyone is seeing this web page, if it contains useful information, and what additional information you and others would find useful. We also want to know how you liked the restaurant after you've visited us - especially what you particularly enjoyed about the restaurant.

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